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June 6, 2018

Any Old Port

The Boys' R&R ends like this!

Originally intended as a 3-reeler but cut to two reels
in the final release, this short features Walter Long
as the perennial tough-guy foil for Laurel & Hardy.
  Sailors Stan and Ollie register at Long's seedy
 seaside hotel and through a rapid series of entanglements
 wind up in a boxing ring opposite Long,
 with Charlie Hall as Stan's second. 
Especially good dialog for Ollie in this one.

 (1932, 20 min., b/w, sound)

The L  Ghost

The Boys look on in wonderment
as Walter Long, Mae Busch, and A. E. Housman
ham it up.

At a dollar a head, the Boys agree to shanghai

a crew for Walter Long, captain of a reputed ghost ship.

  Stan and Ollie wind up shanghaied themselves

and have to face a vengeful crew and the "ghost."

  Arthur Housman plays his usual superb drunk, 

Charlie Hall excels as one of the shanghaied sailors,

and scrumptious Mae Busch plays a dockside floozy.

(1934, 20 min., b/w, sound)

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