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July 10, 2019

Sons of the Desert

Stan and Ollie are determined to attend the big convention in Chicago, 

but wives Mae Busch and Dorothy Christie won't hear of it. 

So the Boys arrange for Doctor Lucien Littlefield to prescribe 

a long sea voyage for them.  Stan and Ollie go to the convention instead,

where Charlie Hall serves them and Charley Chase champagne. 

Naturally their wives find out, and a most amusing homecoming is arranged for them.

(1933, 66 min., b/w, sound)

And in August

You're Darn Tootin'

Once again the Stan and Ollie are
drawing unwelcome attention from the law.

First half:  The Boys play instruments in an outdoor 

band and are fired.  

Second half:  The Boys try to earn their

living as street musicians. 

Finale:  The never-ending "kicking shins, 

pulling pants down" sequence in front of the famous A.B.C.  Restaurant.

(1928, 20 min., silent with modern music sound track)

Battle of the Century

This is the more famous melee in the streets.
Come and compare.

Stan is all set to box Thunder-Clap Callahan; 

with Ollie as Stan's second, the big fight doesn't last long. 

An insurance man then sells Ollie a policy on Stan. 

"If he gets hurt, you get the money," he tells Ollie. 

To collect on the policy, Ollie drops a banana peel for Stan to slip on, 

but it is Charlie Hall, a pie-delivery man, who takes the fall, 

thereby provoking one of the cinema's most famous pie fights.  

Not even the luscious Anita Garvin escapes.

(1927, 15 min., silent with modern organ music track)


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